Welcome to Olivia`s Schmuck.

The idea of making my own jewellery came after buying a bracelet from a friend and thinking to myself.... I could make that myself. So after scouring the net I found the bits and pieces I needed, ordered them and made myself something.


This followed with a pair of earrings. Wearing the earrings to an event in Denmark a few friends asked about my earrings and when I told them I had made them myself they asked if I could make something for them.



Then came the idea of selling online. I started with a few products on Ebay and quickly started to sell a few designs.


I started with basically silver earwires and a few different semi precious stones and it gradually built up from there.


An awful lot of time has gone into and still goes into finding the right components, silver and gold, and the right stones. Getting quality components at the right price enables me to make beautiful looking jewellery at a fraction of the cost of store bought jewellery.



The majority of the jewellery in the shop has been hand made by me. The majority of the designs are mine. I do offer some pre-made products, but all of them are quality for the price you have to pay.


One thing you can be sure of If I say something is a Pearl it is a Pearl. Not some plastic or glass bead covered to make it look real. If it states 18 ct Gold then it is 18 ct gold, not goldplated or just yellow metal.

18 Kt Gold

9 Kt Gold

Shipping - PLEASE READ

All categories with the exception of "VARIOUS" are normally shipped within 2 working days of payment unless otherwise stated in the product details. Items listed under the category "VARIOUS" delivery could take up to 6 weeks.